Our simple idea for how you can become Xmas Party Heroes
Join many other businesses in making a BIG difference to a LOT of people’s lives this Xmas. Donate the unused cost of your Xmas party to a charity of your choice. You and all your staff can become instant #XmasPartyHeroes
Current Total: £1,541,050.00

Join in, help out!

To become a hero and be part of something this fantastic, all we ask is this:
  1. Choose your pledge amount (add a zero on for luck)
  2. Choose the charity on our charities page and click their logo. You’ll be taken to our donations partner Just Giving where you’ll be able to donate directly to your chosen charity. If your chosen charity is not on Just Giving, their logo will direct you to their own donations page.
  3. You can also pay your donation via our mobile app donation partner Thinking of You the place where charities benefit more. Download the app here
  4. Notify us of the pledge amount via the contact us page
  5. Share the news of becoming Xmas Party Heroes on your social channels, making sure you use the hashtag #XmasPartyHeroes and share the amount

Want to help even more?

  1. If you usually send out festive corporate gifts for clients & suppliers, why not give them the option of donating the cost of the gift instead. What a great way to increase your pledge amount.
  2. You can be even more of a superhero by using your staff Secret Santa as a way to make a difference. See the downloads section for our handy guide for how to avoid buying joke socks for Clive from accounts!

Quick FAQ for Charities

Charities carry on receiving donations in their usual way. We do not receive donations and then pass them onto charities.

Charities do not need to register, and there are no fees. We are here to amplify the message about giving to charities.

What a noble brigade!
Make sure you join these superhuman Xmas Party Heroes who have already pledged their support.
Massive superheroes
Here are some well known Xmas Party Heroes you’ll already know and love. They all say that this is a great idea, and who are we to judge?

“We can’t have an Xmas Party, and it didn’t feel fair to just retain the funds as charities are more in need than ever. So we will simply give the funds (and more) to charity”

Mark Hawthorn
CEO, Landmark Group

This is a great idea for companies to help others when they can’t celebrate Xmas with their colleagues. I’m amazed it’s not been thought of before!

James Timpson
Chief Executive, Timpson

This is a great opportunity to get much-needed funds to the charities providing invaluable support at this very challenging time. It’s incredible how many companies have said yes and already joined in to help out!

Victoria Russell
Director, Property Alliance Group
Dynamic downloads!

Like every great hero, we know you are not the quiet retiring type.

You’ll be desperate to share the news about this great campaign far and wide. Why wouldn’t you! Use the links below to access some great shareable content. We also give you permission to fly the campaign flag with our official logo that is downloadable for your own use. Don’t forget to download that too (it’s a corker!).



Good news travels at light speed.

Help us raise as much money as possible for charity, and turn even more people into extraordinary heroes. Just download and share this flyer with other companies about how they can join the crusade.
Download “Become Xmas Party Heroes” PDF


Calling all Charities … help is at hand!

Want to promote this yourselves, here are some instructions for how to do it.
Download “Charities” PDF

Watch out!

You don’t want to miss out on telling your staff how amazing they now are.

Tell your teams that you’ve joined in the crusade, and input your own pledge amount and logo in this downloadable PDF.
Download "Teams" PDF

Use our mark

We’re not precious!

It would be fantastic if you wanted to use our Xmas Party Heroes logo on your website and social channels. Feel free to use it in your own communications to staff, customers and partners. It can be downloaded in a flash right here
Download our "mark" ZIP

Media instructions

Here's what you need to do to help support the campaign

Help would be appreciated! Here's what you need to do to if you want to help support the campaign.
Download Media Instructions

Hit send!

Email, email, email

Why not add your company logo to this template and use it as your email signature to show your support for #XmasPartyHeroes every time you hit "send"
Email signature

NO joke socks!

Use your Secret Santa

Why not use your Secret Santa at work to make a difference this year. Just follow these instructions and use the handy printable gift card to give to the lucky colleague!
Secret Santa
Watch the pledges roll in

Follow the latest and greatest of who has just told the world they are now Xmas Party Heroes. Help us out more by following @XmasPartyHeroes and the hashtag #XmasPartyHeroes on Twitter.


Is any #charity currently searching for a top senior marketer with great creativity and ideas? The marketing champion behind #XmasPartyHeroes is looking for a new challenge. Get in touch with Simon Nutt @SimonNutt76 and see on http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/SimonNutt

Xmas Party Heroes@XmasPartyHeroes

Donations total is now £1,520,672
WOW! Thank you to all our #XmasPartyHeroes for #charity

While our #XmasPartyHeroes campaign has finished for this festive season (with over £1.5million raised 👏) it was lovely to check the inbox this morning to find that a few companies had confirmed donations to us during the break adding up to £14,675 including @HyperopticCS

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If you pledge, let us know you have become a hero!
For us to keep our eye on how much has been pledged so far, please use this form to tell us of your transformation into being Xmas Party Heroes.

    Become a Xmas Party Hero

    Get in touch

    Please make sure to tell us how much you’re pledging to donate to the charity of your choice. We will keep this anonymous if you wish, and will only publicise your pledge if you give us permission to.

    You can also use the form above to contact us with any questions, or contact us via our Twitter or LinkedIn pages or this email address: hello@xmaspartyheroes.co.uk

    Email us
    Share wide and far!
    Be a hero, share this with friends, bosses, colleagues and family.